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What is a Corporate Portal? A corporate portal is a web based business application that provides secure, segregated access into an organization’s information, applications, business processes and web services. The key technologies that enable this powerful business application are open web standards, modern database technologies and strong encrypted and secure communications, authentication and authorization systems.

What is the Business Value? Today’s customers, suppliers, employees, and investors increasingly expect greater visibility into, and the ability to interact with, information, applications and processes that concern them. The ability to securely create, share, and act on information from both internal and external sources greatly increases an organizations ability to compete more effectively and operate more efficiently. In addition, this level of collaboration builds stronger partnerships, increases customer and supplier loyalty and can consistently deliver higher customer satisfaction within today’s rapidly changing 24/7 business environment.

Web Sites, Intranets, Extranets and Proprietary Web Applications Substantial business benefits and cost savings can come from standardizing all of these independent, often inconsistent and unmanaged efforts into a single controlled, consolidated, validated and auditable system. Many companies have separate web sites for each of their locations or divisions and a number of intranets and extranets that are often managed at the department level. Moreover, the proliferation of proprietary web applications has decreased business flexibility while increasing complexity and cost. A corporate portal can incorporate all the benefits of these older technologies while securely consolidating, standardizing, and managing the total lifecycle of your internal and external web resources.

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